London, Level II

I had a conversation today with a colleague who took the level II exam years ago in London (I’m assuming maybe 5-6 years ago). She told me that at the end of the exam, candidates inserted the multiple-choice portion of the test directly into a machine on the way out of the center - and it told you if you passed or failed! (just that portion though - the essays or whatever took another 2 months, and then you got a final, total score). She said the worst part was that the machine let out a little “ding!” if you passed, and an loud “BUZZ!” if you failed, and you had to insert it right in front of everyone. She also said that they only did that in Europe, and not in the US, and that she doesn’t know if they still do that. Anyone else know?

thats a good idea, if only they did that for level 1…would ease alot of anxiety now lol

There are no longer any essays in LII. The entire exam consists of 20 vignettes, 6 questions each, 120 questions total. Half of the LIII exam is essays. Furthermore, LII and LIII candidates wait 8 weeks for their results, rather than the 6 weeks LI candidates wait. The rest of that story sounds pretty far-fetched to me.

Actually, the LII and LIII wait is approx. 10 weeks, my bad.

another wag of the finger, hired. I figured might as well give you a hard time here, since I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the L2 forum. :slight_smile:

lola, based on your posts over the past few months, I’m confident you’ll be a colleague in the LII forum come January. Besides, someone’s got to keep me in check (you and sean119, among others). Otherwise, I’d consider you derelict in your duties :slight_smile:

I’m trying to imagine a reason why I, or my colleague, would have made any of that up, and I’m unable to come up with one.

Did it also go: “You’ve chosen A” “Our survey says… UUUUGGGHHH URRRRR” ?