London Level One this June-Who Shouted "Testicles!"?

During the clear up from the afternoon paper this June in London I distinctly heard a male voice shout “Testicles!” from the front of the hall. Anybody else hear this? Who were you, did you pass LI and may I shake your hand?


It was a colleague of mine who has a very severe case of Tourette’s for which he is heavily medicated with respiridol. Without the medication, he frequently reaches into his pants and yells about whatever he finds. Unfortunately, he does not think especially well on Respiridol so he doesn’t take it as often as he should and certainly not on the morning of the CFA exam. I told him that you would like to shake his hand and he is very excited about that. Seems that almost nobody else wants to shake his hand. Edit: For years, I thought that he was calling me an a$$hole.