London, Ontario Test Center

I am planning on writing a CFA exam next June in London, Ontario, Canada. Has anyone written at this location and tell me the following: 1) Do you share a table with another candidate? Or, do they provide you a separate desk? 2) Where is the test center location? UWO? 3) Are there any restaurants nearby during the 2-hr break? 4) Is the Test Center air conditioned?

Lucky guy!! I wrote in Dec 07 while at UWO. Had to make a trip to TO

I’m interest in this as well, as I am from WNY and will likely be taking the test in CA.

No there are no restaurants in London that you can get to in 2 hours… can’t be done.

Is there any place to buy beer?

Yes, London Taphouse, Barking Frog… School will be out of session in June though so you will have missed all the western girls. T

Where is the test center in London, Ontario? Anyone?

I will be writing there as well. I am not sure where it is but I am convinced it will be worth the trip as Direct energy centre is pretty crazy during the exam. Is this the first year it is being offered in London? When I wrote Level 1 there was no option for it (2007)



I wrote there last year. Yes it was air conditioned. Yes you share a table with others. And the lunch is theoretically 2hrs. In reality it’s about half that, just bring your own lunch, it’ll save you $15 in the process. It wasn’t in UWO it was at some Lundon convention center. GOOD LUCK!!! WOOOO

there is a food court right across the street from the convention centre in galleria mall (york/wellington). There is also a subway two blocks up (wellington/dundas)