London Study Group

Hi All, is there anyone intrested in forming London study group. my email is is Regards Ambarish

level II ?

Level I ???

I’m level 1 in London and looking for a study group. Let me know what people decide.

Yeah, i´m up for it. I´m doing level 1 in dec 09. My mail is, drop me an email!

If it is not too late, i would also like to be a part of this study group sumeet

im taking level 2 next june… is it too early to form a study group? any takers?

ya i am taking level 2 in june in london…

Looking forward to start/be a part of the study group in London for CFA L-1 June 2010. Any takers pls mail

planning to start some casual study sometime soon for level 2

London LEVEL 2 >>,1087672