London Training Centres

Can anyone in London provide their views on training providers for Level 2. BPP? 7city? ftc? Given that you have jumped the L2 hurdle then your feedback is appreciated

I used BPP all the way through and passed all three levels on the first attempt (LIII in June). BPP changed from using their own materials to Schweser last year which took a bit of getting used to but the tutorials are well worth it. You get about 8 days of tutorials plus a 3 day revision course, all of which I found very useful. My tutor for LII was a bit useless but the LIII bloke was excellent. Can’t comment on the others as haven’t used them.

I used 7 city and found them exceptionally helpful going 3 for 3 when I used them (got cocky at level II and blew it). E-mail a day, on-line seminars as well as the real thing and excellent courses. Haven’t tried BPP but would suggest going to an open day of both providers and see what suits