Long only AM associate role and TC

Hello everyone - looking for some insight here.
I wanted to interview for a LO asset manager role - the role is awesome but when I look up compensation at Glassdoor at the firm at the associate level, it’s almost half of what I am making right now (i.e. Glassdoor shows low $100ks, based in the East Coast). This role is for someone with 5 years of experience, working under a senior analyst who reports to the PM.

I am unsure if the numbers are reliable, but I also don’t want to go through the whole process to get such a low number at the end of the process (if i do get the role). Wanted to get some insight from anyone who is already in the AM industry or has an idea on how compensation trends across firms at that mid-level 5 years of WE range?

Numbers are all over the place for this industry. If the recruiter actually has interest and contacts you, just tell them, look, I’m at $X right now, can you share if I’m in range? Recruiters will let you know right away, trust me. Nobody is going to waste time “tricking” you into lower comp.

There isn’t a recruiter for this - directly led by the AM itself. And they are very conservative, not the kind who want to answer compensation questions (its a very different culture at that place).

If it’s an awesome role / your dream job, interview for it. I’ve gotten jobs in the past by running into someone I knew / networking in the same building I was interviewing at even though the final job and interview were not related.

This is a giant red flag. Don’t work in a punji trap of a company just because the job seems like a good fit.

I’ve made the mistake of looking at a job through rose-colored glasses: this made the red flags at the company just look like flags flapping in the background. That workplace sucked out parts of my soul that I’ll never get back, and it was basically a waste of ~2 years.

Even if there’s no formal recruiter, the hiring manager will perform that role and have those same thoughts. I have hired many people in my career. I’m telling you right now if someone comes in at 100% above where my budget is, I’ll thank them for telling me and keep them in mind for future openings. They have done both of us a favor, they’ve not wasted my time as well.