Long Term Liabilities and Leases

This chapter has been the worst. I have spent so much time on it that it’s ridiculous. Going to move on and come back to it later on with fresh eyes. Anyone else run into problems with this chapter?

It is bad especially the last few pages but not as bad as Taxes… I sweat every time I hear the term Deferred Taxes!

agree with you all, i still didnt start learning Tax. just have a first look on long term lia, leases. need to review again.

I’m just starting FRA but from my Intermediate Accounting days I can remember that leases and pensions were the worst. I’m glad it’s multiple choice and that we don’t have to actually write out the calculations.

multiple choice doesn’t make your life much easier…

I didn’t think this chapter was half as difficult as taxes. Deferred taxes are making my life miserable. I’m doing ok on the questions but I’m so lost in certain areas. Hopefully those aren’t the more testable ones.

what don’t you get about taxes