long term UPDATED ibbotson/return chart

fellas, im looking for returns on the market since 1900ish. Something that includes the overall return and includes the dips in the market from the depression to 2009. anyone got anything long term thats recent?

LOL! LOL, I have been calling every wholesaler I know and asking for a most updated Ibbotson chart. They all told me that “No more”. I have to take down my Ibbotson chart in my office since it is out-dated and not in compliance anymore. I really wonder why!!

whaaa??? thats wack. how hard can it be to extend the ibbotson one more year. surely somewhere out there on the Internet there are long term market returns that are up to date right?

Don’t forget Ibbotson chart is a markeing tool nevertheless.

yeah your right ws. in fact i think Ibbotson’s primary income source is that chart! lol. still though, there have to be long term market returns somewhere?? what index was ibbotson using? was it some customized index they created?

Why don’t you just use the last year index data from russell, msci, s&p, etc… then splice it onto the end of your ibbotson data?