long term vacation

has anyone vacationed alone? how is it?

I’m interested in this myself. Next year my plan is to take a road trip around the country. More than likely it will be solo.


When vacationing alone, it’s good to spend more time in one place so you can develop friendships there. Sometimes you can travel to a few places with the same friends, which is nice. An extended trip traveling alone is interesting, but I find it’s the people who you meet along the way that make it very memorable.

Are you a woman?

You might want to try Gap Adventure travel or http://www.travelindochina.com or any other travel company. They let solo travelers join their group for an additional fee. I haven’t done any of these trips myself, but was thinking about it. I guess if your a woman, it might be better to join a group.

Recently spent a week in LA alone. Not quite “long term”, but decently long. Did some sightseeing, found a couple of local bars, caught a couple of tv show tapings. If you are 18-26, I would recommend checking out EFcollegebreak or other similar sites. They typically have longer-term vacations (15-30 days) and travel around the world.

Drove across the country from PNW to SE. It was an adventure but more than a vacation it was like taking time off for yourself, thinking about life etc. You need to be able to enjoy being by yourself to be out there for so long. I did make several detours and stops. I would love to do it again soon.

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