longer than 8 weeks?

Anyone have to wait longer than 8 weeks for their local society to review their app?

The last time I spoke to CFA I understood that if the local society didn’t approve your app within 45 days then you were automatically approved for membership with CFA and didn’t need the society membership. So, somehow it’s just something of a courtesy to the societies that CFA offers up all their candidates making it “mandatory” for them to join. NYSSA is taking egregiously long with my membership application because the moved offices…last month. If the 45 day thing is true, I don’t see how it’s possible to have to wait 8 weeks for the society, are you dealing with that? It’s entirely possible the person I spoke to at CFA was wrong.

for me it’s the hartford society. the ‘decision days’ field never filled in for me but the status said it’s under society review going back to mid-november. i suppose i should make a call the the hartford society and CFAI.

Yeah, the 45 days applies once the decision days remaining start counting down. I think it should be automatic once CFAI approves the work experience - is that done? I would definitely just call them and find out.

well, they rejected half my experience so they recommended me for affiliate membership. so as i understood it, i needed to wait for affiliate approval from my local society and then resubmit for an upgrade – my description was too brief. i was under the impression no action was required on my part until i got approval for affiliate membership from my local society.

finally got affiliate member accepted. updated my work experience and am waiting for the upgrade. For those who went through the same process, does it take just as long to get upgrade approval???

It’s over 9000!!

they landed on the moon! helpful, thx.