Longest time/oldest to pass all CFA exams

Respect to this guy and his family for supporting him through till the end! 21 years man! Unbelievable!

^I can only imagine if this guy had been posting on AF the whole time.

First Post - So I just learned that my wife is pregnant. Figured I’d sign up for the CFA exam now, so I can get it over with before the kid grows up. If I just apply myself, it’ll only take me about a year and a half to finish this thing.

Last Post - Just got my Level 3 results and I passed!!! Yay!!! My daughter is taking me out for drinks so I can celebrate. (She’s a senior in college now.) But she won’t be drinking since she’s expecting her first child. The baby’s supposed to be born right before Memorial Day. (I think I remember what Memorial Day is. Haven’t seen one since I was 21. Now I’m in my 40’s.)