Longest time/oldest to pass all CFA exams

What is the longest time you have heard for someone to pass all the CFA exams? What is the oldest age you have heard to pass all the CFA exams?

Whoever it is, good on them!

I passed level 1 last june at 51 in Montreal. I saw three guys with gray hair like me in a crowd about 2,000+

I’ve heard 10 years.

does it matter?

Matters for E-Peen purposes.

9 years for me. A couple of honest fails, a couple of no-shows, and a couple didn’t even registers along the way.


Ah…21 years. That’s all fine, but proud of it?? And a picture of the family…

I would be more proud of his wife for supporting him than him taking whole fking 21 years to do it. I guess I shouldn’t really comment without knowing how many times he actually wrote it. I know a friend who took over 10 years but he had a 7 year break when his first kid popped out.

If I’d failed a CFA exam twice, I’d have concluded that that was a sign from God that I should be doing something else.

Thank God that I passed each the first time I took them.

And my greatest admiration to those who have more tenacity than I would have had.

Amen, brother. (No pun intended.).

Like I say, winners never quit, and quitters never win. But those who never win, yet never quit, are idiots.

I failed L3 twice, band 10 both times. Had I failed band 5 or less, I likely would have quit.

Had you only found success the first time in your academic pursuits up to that point?

Yes, school was always very easy for me. I got A’s and the occasional B with almost no effort other than paying attention in class.

I know someone who sat for Level I *before* 2000, has taken the exam each year since then (with varying degrees of preparation + effort), and will be writing Level III for the fifth time in 2016.


Notice how the smiles of his family seem to be more genuine. The kids be like: We can finally spend time with daddy!

I share ngeorgiev’s sentiment.

Lack of effort? Or Lack of ability? Or some of both?

Or maybe just bad luck? I certainly didn’t have a 100% chance to pass each exam.

what a sad guy. I feel terrible for the wife and kids. P