Anyone else?


it’s so ridiculous… Thank goodness for Ambien, otherwise I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight. haha

the worst would be if Google were to have e-mail problems tomorrow.

Champagne in the fridge, and Kleenex in the cupboard (for my tears). Hookers on speed dial either way. Oh, just kidding… I don’t have Kleenex.

couldnt sleep last night, I assume the same tomorrow. currently at work cathcing up and doing clean up to have open time tomorrow for either a celebration lunch or a cheer me up walk

Ambien for me as well.

im going valium. ambien makes me do weird stuff @ night. Sweet dreams folks. I wish everyone good luck.

I have a feeling tomorrow my results is going to say “Please call us”

Advil PM. Good luck!!!

3 hours of tennis today and 2 glasses of wine tonight… if that doesn’t do it for me then nothing will. Good luck to all of you tomorrow morning!

Yeah no kidding… I’m seriously jet-lagged after getting back from vacay in Cambodia, so should be waking up ridiculously early to wait for scores. Good luck everyone!

Holy effing shite. I don’t think there is a Monday. I’ve aged 10 years this weekend. Did 2 interval workouts (1 tabita) and some weights. Took kids to pool, read, blah blah blah. I hope those folks in Charlottesville have to work all night to get the systems stuff right. PEACE OUT BROTHERS AND SISTERS