Look at this good boy

This guy is adoptable at an animal shelter near me. Says he’s about 1 year old (german shepherd/ something else).

Do you guys think this would jeopardize my passing level 3? I’m already ahead of my schedule.


There’s no such thing as a perfect time right???.. FUCK me… this is hard. I’m going to at least go visit him and see if there’s a bond. If there is, I’m taking his ass home with me, forever.

Owning pets is retarded if you live alone and the thing is just sitting in an empty house all day.

Is it as retarded as doing the same thing with a cat?

Pretty sure doggie would prefer to live in some guy’s house than in the shelter.

Somewhat less, cat’s are less social, more sedentary and don’t need to be let out to go to the restroom. You want to sit inside and be told you can’t use the restroom for 8-10 hours a day every day? Just irresponsible generally. I just know too many people in that mid 20’s bracket that irresponsibly got a dog, regret it and generally neglect it because due to immature reasoning (awwww eeeshh so cuuuuuteeee) weren’t prepared for the scope of time commitment, impact on social life and impact on living housing options.

Dogs of that age are usually scooped up pretty quick, particularly in areas like Denver.

As long as you provide it with proper exercise, the doggo should be fine during the day. Take it on a walk in the morning and play with it a lot in the evening and it’ll be happy.

BS is against adopting dogs now? Geez what a grump.

dogs are annoying. too playful.

cats are cool, but they puke a lot.

if i had to choose, id go with cats. but if i can choose neither. then they wouldnt be around me!

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Now I agree with Nerdy.

The thing with big dogs is that they need quite a bit of exercise. Not just the standard 3*15min shit&piss routine most of them end up doing. If I were you, I wouldn’t get a German shepherd unless you have a huge yard and a lot of time to play with it. I live in a downtown area and I see way too many doggies that resemble this chubby specimen:

^A dog’s size doesn’t correlate to how much activity they need. Giant dogs (newfies, mastiffs, great pyrs, etc.) are very lazy. Yes, they still need exercise, but more so because they need to get off their ass.

Meanwhile, a 30 pound border collie or australian shepard needs a job (running, frisbee, herding, etc.) all the time or they’ll destroy your living space.

Raising a healthy dog always requires some exercise, but how much to keep them happy and out of trouble depends mostly on the breed.

And that picture looks like a perfectly healthy german shepard that’s crouching down, ready to jump and catch something. Perhaps it’s exercising?

I think the dog’s age is the biggest concern. Even my lazy little pug was in “crackhead” mode for the first couple years. Even so, if the dog has a lot of energy, you can hire a dog walker a few times a week. I hope you find a way to make it work OP. Having a dog is so therapeutic :slightly_smiling_face:

When I get a house, I’m going to get a dog like this one:

Couldn’t agree more with you. Before I can even start planning it’s exercise routine I just want to find the dog that I can effortlessly connect with. My mileage is suitable for a large dog like this no sweat.

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I disagree. Most big dog breeds were originally bred to be service dogs - guard, hunting, military, what have you. ‘‘Doing stuff’’ is in their genes. Sure, there’s big dog breeds that don’t go haywire if they don’t get in their daily 10 miles of rabbit chasing but in general they need a large yard and quite a bit of exercise. And that’s a fat german shepherd. Look at its neck-chest-shoulder area.