Look better on paper

Hi everyone,

sorry the topic’s soooooo broad but I’m completely new to this whole forum thing and looking for general advice.

ill get straight to the point…

i have no experience in the financial industry and no qualifications except for the 1st level of CFA and an investment funds course (IFC) That I completed in Canada, licensing me to sell mutual funds (in Canada only).

So, at present I’m studying for my second level but as you can imagine, my CV isn’t gunna get me anywhere.

Has anyone got any ideas of short courses or maybe a job I could get that would put me in better stead while I do my CFA.

For example I looked into the AAT course and thought about getting a book keeper/junior accounting role. As that would place some financy experience and qualifications on my CV.

i know it’s an odd one because most people wanting to pursue this career and taking their CFA have degrees and financial experience. However, I am determined and need to make myself look better on paper so any suggestions would be amazing please?

thanks in advance!!!