Look Out NYC

For those taking the exam at the Altman Center… I’m planning to jump up during the middle of the exam, flip over my desk screaming, grabbing peoples exams while I make for the exit. Be prepared.

Haha, I can’t wait to see that.

Are you a retaker by any chance? It seems like they are herding all of us retakers at the Altman Center, or it seems that way.

Yeah I’m a retaker… i think its if anyone goes postal… they just shoot the retaker fools instead of impacting the smarter population… or they just keep us together in case we need to cry again.

That was hilarious! Good luck with the exam.

Come visit us at the Metropolitan Pavillion. Maybe CFAI will hook us up with a reschedule!

post exam ICE…someone’s getting it!

CFA… reschedule??? you must be dreaming

CPAbeatsCFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > post exam ICE…someone’s getting it! first post I’ve actually laughed at in a LONG time.