Looking for a job

I recently moved to Atlanta, GA from California as my husband got a new job here. Back in CA, I worked as an investment analyst for a financial advisory firm. I am looking for similar positions in Atlanta. I applied online at few firms, contacted staffing agencies, sent inmails to recruiters on LinkedIn. Nothing seems to be working. I haven’t received even a single interview call. Does getting an affiliate membership with CFA society and Atlanta increase my chances? I have to spend few hundred dollars to get the membership. So I want to know if it has helped anyone find a job?

If you can go to CFA Society events as a result, maybe it could help. The usefulness will depend on how proactive you are though.

I would ask one of the executive directors for an informational interview. Ask them about the CFA atlanta Job board and go from there.

I was just in ATL speaking with some of the biggest firms there. What’s your take on the area? I liked what i saw (im in the north east)

Few hundred bucks for a shot at a job which will pay back many times that, or zero, and you save $250. I think you know the answer to that.

At the very least you can learn from locals about how the job market is structured and the best way to approach this problem.