Looking for a job

My bro in law is looking for a job. His 7 month contract with citi is about to expire. Anything in finance will do. He has a degree in Finance from Baruch. Any leads will be appreciated.

And no… i am not quitting my D&D dungeon master job

What? Nobody? No leads?

If you’re serious about helping out your brother-in-law with his job search, it’s likely going to require a bit more legwork that just posting a couple sentences on an anonymous internet discussion board.

In any case, I think this thread belongs in “Careers”, and not “CFA General Discussion”.

Err… in the off chance that someone here will somehow be useful, they will need more information than that. At least post a resume or something…

Is he only interested in NYC, or would he be open to something closer to Philly? What kind of salary requirements does he have?

The manner in which you requested help might hinder his search instead of help it. J/s.

Maybe because he’s not interested and wants to put up a token effort?

palantir is currently hiring a junior research analyst for his start up fund…send your resume to him in addition to $50 dollar for a processing fee in cash or money order.

higgmond, thanks for responding! I will ask him about philly opp, he doesnt have any salary req, as long as it is paid vs unpaid, and i would assume anything north of 45-50k would suffice

And how should i have requested help. I have requested help in a manner in which i would talk to a people i know for a long time and i value as my equals. I requested a help in a manner of which a person requests a help from a people he have been talking to for over 5 years.

If Philly area is ok (technically central NJ) and he’s interested in business valuation, have him email a copy of his resume to cbhiggs1970 at yahoo.com. We are hiring and will at least give him the consideration we give every other candidate.