Looking for a master program as a CFA candidate

I’m a last year undergrad and just did the CFA L1 exam in feb(hopefully i’ll pass), and now my new target is applying for a master program. I was wondering if i study master finance, would it be still useful or are there any master programs (other than finance) that can compliment my study of CFA,. Thank you!

I strongly recommend that you spend at least five years in full-time work before you think about getting an MBA. For one thing, much of the benefit of graduate education is students in classroom discussions and group project sharing their full-time work experiences; if you don’t have anything to share, that will become plain very quickly. For another, you’ll get much, much more out of a good MBA program if you have some real-world experience to relate it to. Moreover, very few top-tier MBA programs will accept you if you’re coming straight out of an undergraduate program.

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