Looking for a research partner


I work in one of the research groups at a big investment management firm. My work is more related to macro-long term thought leadership kind of research.

I am looking to write a paper in my free time. The goal would be get that paper published (at journals, CFA magazine etc) and present it at conferences/seminars. This is one of the ways I am seeking to build my industry credibility.

I haven’t finalized a topic as yet but have some high level themes in my mind.

I am looking to partner with someone so that I have a shared workload, benefit from diversity of opinion, have greater access to resources and above all it is fun to work in a team.

Let me know if anyone is interested. I work in Seattle and am open to working remotely, or with someone who is based out of Seattle.

I may be interested in this depending on the scope of the project. I could be teaching economics as an adjunct next semester and this could help build some cred within the department… also could just be generally intersting.

Hey that sounds like fun! I’ve been looking for something interesting and productive to do on my free time; I’d definitely be interested.

I agree, this sounds like a great opportunity, keep me posted as I am very interested.

Depending on the topic, I may be able to offer help. Let me know.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for being a little late in my response as I was traveling.

Let us catch up. Can you please shoot me an email at this address with your introduction: nvs1220 at gmail dot com.