Looking for an occasional mentor for an aspiring IB professional in Toronto

Hi Toronto IB professionals of AnalystForum!

I’m sure everyone here is extremely busy with work, but if you think you could squeeze in an hour of your time for lunch or dinner sometime in the near future for a finance student to pick your brain regarding the industry and careers, I would be forever greatful! Of course, the lunch/dinner is on me!

I’m a final year finance student and a CFA level I candidate. I don’t want to post lots of personal information on here (and it’s probably against the rules in the first place), but if you think you may be available, please let me know how I can reach you, and I can provide you more information about myself. From there, you can decide if you would like to meet for a chat somewhere most convenient to you!

Thanks for reading my message and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!

“A finance student to pick your brain regarding the industry and careers” you and Wiseround.com are a match made in heaven, they provide exactly what you’re looking for, banking industry mentors to help your career. They do charge a fee though, but I guess the rewards will outwiegh the cost. I have signed up as a mentor there myself.

Private message FrankArabia. He fits your profile.

my tip would be to cut down to a 20-30min request… most pros wouldn’t want to commit to a 1hr chat with a random.

And do your research. Showing up asking basic questions means no second chat.

^ agreed. no way I would ever give up 1 hour. Especially for a dude.

If you looked like a supermodel and it was summer, maybe