Looking for career change...advice?

Looking to get out of private wealth/family office… damn taxes are so f’in boring. It seems that’s all I do here. I get the occasional asset allocation, but how hard is that? I feel a third grader could do this crap. Estate planning? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My original plan was to become a financial planner, but I’ve lost motivation. Maybe it’s the people I work for, I dunno… its a small company so very possible.

Looking to get into something a bit more technical and investment related. Maybe post what you do and why you freaking love your job would be awesome. Thinking along the lines of equity analyst, investment analyst, financial analyst (not in private wealth). Thanks peeps.

I work in Private Wealth. Discretionary portfolio management for private investors. How is that “unrelated” to investments? :slight_smile:

I also do corporate estate planning (lots of taxes). I just get great responses when I find clients ways to save taxes that their accountant didn’t tell them or recommend strategies their accountant didn’t know about. I find it more rewarding than beating the benchmark with their portfolios, actually :).

I love it and would never trade it in to work at the bottom of the ladder as an analyst in some big city somewhere. I work my own hours and schedule my appointments as I see fit. Small business is not always a bad thing my friend!

I work in tech. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

Maybe some more details as to what kind of work would attract you the most? Travel, routine, actual work (research vs analysis vs client management etc)?

Sorry not trying to take away anything from private wealth. Definitely not unrelated to investments, but the majority of my work revolves around taxes, which I’m not a giant fan of. It has it’s perks no doubt. I guess when I say investments, I don’t mean looking at mutual funds and finding the best diversification, performance, etc. for clients. At least that’s all we do here for clients. I know there’s more out there. I’m talking the analysis of what goes into these funds type work. Doing that or doing financial analysis of companies, forecasting and such sounds interesting.


Yes, technical sounds more like it. My first job had more technical analysis involved and I definitely miss that. So a job with most emphasis on research and analysis and less on client management. Don’t mind travel.

There are many types of analysts, so think through some before you start looking around. I worked in sell side and hated it. I was at a smaller firm where compensation was based on trade volume, and as such I saw a few seniors doing some unethical activities in an effort to boost trade volume. In addition, the sell side basically requires you to focus on a few particular companies for much of your career. It’s a rather stupid job in my opinion. You are paid to hover around some business and track its every move and report back to the guys managing millions. The buyside has an array of areas from which to choose, and you can cater to a particular style of fund. I like the activist area. Shaking up management and working to improve a business is a something I find interesting. If you like helping individuals with great talent build their ideas perhaps the VC space. I find the emerging market space interesting too; a couple of guys I know are setting up a fund in Mongolia right now.

Just curious, but isn’t the point of sell side to generate trade volume no matter how large or small the shop is?