Looking for coaching for CFA level 2

Hi All, Im looking for CFA level 2 coaching in Delhi …no satellite or video teaching bt teachers shud be lively present …and they are efficient in coaching do u knw any one please do tell me… Thanks Eram

if you hurry I think you can still get Jack McKeon before the marlins do…

  1. Get off AF and put your nose in a book. 2. Repeat #1 for 4-5 months. 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!

Told him!

Start learning as soon as you can. Do all the exercises before moving on to the next chapter. Make your own flashcards which you will look at constantly on your way to work, when you’re taking a cra*p, etc. Read all your flashcards at least 1x a week (it will take more and more time as you add flashcards). Repeat the above (2 full cycles of the study programme and exercises will be enough) until 2 months before the exam. Do 1 mock/practice exam every week end in realistic exam conditions and focus on your weaknesses but don’t neglect your strengths. You’re welcome.