Looking for Desperate Opening in Investment Banking or Equity Research

Hi Guys, I’m looking for good opening in financial research or equity research profile in India or abroad. So i happen to look at CFA site. There i found a database, where i need to some $150 for annual subscription and get registrar mysellf. I want to know any previous guys or candidates who have availed this service, so that they can respond to it. Is it worth while to pay and get registrated any comments on this…? Help me guys…! -rs

I don’t think so, but maybe someone else has had better luck than I did.

why are you looking for a desperate opening ?

You will need to consider that their are so many experienced ER and IB workers laid off, who are more than happy to be paid the same salary you will be asking for without any training. Spare your $150 for something else, or networking.

India has McDonald’s right?

MattLikesAnalysis Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > India has McDonald’s right? Lol!