Looking for help in career


I graduated in 2011 with a major in Finance. Since graduating I have been studying for my CFA exam, currently a level 3 candidate and working as a temp. Currently I am contracting as a hedge fund accountant in JP Morgan. My interest is in investment management/ equity research. I would like to make some business contacts and listen to some advice and mentoring on how I can progress my career. My email is peterpeng1306@yahoo.com. I live in the Boston area but is willing to relocate.

Thank you very much.

Your line about relocating sounds like you are just asking for a job.

Not a very constructive solicitation, especially with the grammatical error in your second to last sentence. Might want to get a fixin’ on that.

would it be better if he are willing to relocate?

fo sho…we all be relocatin’, ya heard?