Looking for L1 Quant/Accounting books

Can anyone in NYC hook me up? Thanks

Nobody can help me out? Come on guys

I’ll mail you my books. Not in NYC so you’d have to pay shipping.

Do you need them back :)? I actually realized i will need all L1 books - Stern core classes are easier then i thought so i will probably be able to waive them all :slight_smile:

Nah I don’t need them back.

jcole21 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Nah I don’t need them back. Cool, thanks! which year are the books?


cool, it would be great! where can i send you my address? Let me know what the shiping will be like and i paypal yiu the money

bump for Jcole


I am in Nigeria, we can arrange I ship them to you. Give me your credit card details.

Haha - sorry dude - was in the hospital until today. Shoot me an email at cfahustler@gmail.com - I’ll respond from my actual email after that.