Looking For L3 Videos

Anybody want to sell their 2008 Schweser L3 videos? Email me at unknownprofessor at hotmail dot com.

i am looking for the video’s too

For some reason, there aren’t too many l3 videos around or l3 books for sale. There are a ton of people selling level 1 materials :slight_smile:

I have 2008 Schweser Level III Video CDs (16 total) that I’m willing to sell. Shoot me an email at kenchee at hotmail dot com with your best offer. Thanks.

I have the Level 3 video series as well. Email me at johnandstephanie@comcast.net and we can work something out. thanks

I am selling Schweser Level 3 videos. Please write to rikpao@yahoo.co.uk - cheers