Looking for Sr Financial analyst in DC Area

The primarily function of this position will be assisting in the monthly execution of the GA GO valuation for financial reporting. In this function the Senior Financial Analyst will, 1) use company’s models for the calculation of the GA GO valuation, 2) review and validate valuation inputs and results, and, 3) prepare reports used for management and financial reporting. The Senior Financial Analyst within this role will be responsible for assisting in the business review of the GA GO valuations, including the comparison of valuation results to expected results and current market and business conditions. In addition, the individual will be responsible for monitoring trends within the mortgage credit markets for current and potential future

wtf is GA & GO

this must be at FNM / FRE. GA / GO is guarantee asset / guarantee obligations, balance sheet entries related to the GSE’s mortgage guarantee business. I can imagine they are beefing this up as everybody is originating prime conforming paper these days.

I interviewed for a similar position at a GSE early last year. I got offered a job, but declined since I took one in NYC with a bank. Frankly, you don’t want to be there. The valuation of those assets are nearly impossible. They tried quants, they tried models, they tried PhD rocket scientists, nothing has worked right. They are assets that are unique, only the two GSEs have them in volume which makes the task difficult. It’s a black hole that many have fallen into and few have escaped untarnished. Later, people told me that I made a smart decision, not because the job I accepted was so good, but the one I declined was so bad. Also, stay away from that one unsecured revolving lending institution in that area. It blows goats harder than a Tijuana whore.