Looking for Study Partner CFA level 1 May 2022

Hey guys,

I am looking for 1-2 Study Partners who will review each reading through practice questions with me every weekend for CFA level 1 exam on May 2022.

I am base in Japan, study everyday morning, review details at the weekend 4:00-6:00 or 22:00-00:00 JST

I have experience working as FP&A for global company. I have reviewed FRA by curriculum 2020 before I started working on curriculum 2022 and notes 2022 now.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Leave your email if you decide to study with me.

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Hi! I’m looking for a study partner to prep for CFA level 1 May 2022 as well. Please contact me: ctxr97@gmail.com



Yes please I am interested

What’s app 0447737215949

Hi I’m interested. myattharaphelwin.mtl@gmail.com

Hi I am not sure May or August , I am not too strong with it, but do like to pass on first try, thinking order Kaplan they have may and aug. I have not signed up exam yet, If you don’t mind, please include me on the email list as well, aaronlinak@hotmail.com. Thanks

I’m interested!


Also interested in study partner.

PM me whats up.


I am also interested to study virtually in a group.

Can you please add me on WA +971 50 5921 722

I am also interested in such activities. Moreover, such classes have already helped me in the past. Maybe something like this will help you. All my knowledge comes from there. Every day I looked at the answers and tried to solve it myself.

Hi, I’ll take the exam 22 May 2023, and if you and the others are interested, I’ve created a slack group to for group study and communication:[Preformatted text](https://join.slack.com/t/cfalevel1online/shared_invite/zt-1g5uahq7m-H8eKmNIIcSg2hZU7xHpToQ)

My email: dorianweng.pers@gmail.com