Looking for Study Partner CFA Level 1 November 2022- UAE

This is Salma. I am a senior finance student looking for 1-3 study partners based in Abu Dhabi or any other city in UAE for the upcoming CFA Level 1, Nov 2022.
If you are interested, please drop your email below!

Thank you,

Hey. Hopefully you cleared it. Wanna partner up for level 2


I am Ubaid and based at karachi, currently and appearing in Aug 22. If this can work for you, then drop me an email on ubaid_niaz@yahoo.com.

hello’ eveyone.

i am going to give cfa level 1 exam in august’22 and in interested group study If there is anyone who is located in Abu Dhabi willing to join me, we can cover EOQ’s from CFA curriculum on a weekly basis.
You can reach out to me.

E: Bharat_chauhan@hotmail.com
Tel: +971 50 5921 722

hello’ eveyone.

I am looking for a study partner in Abu Dhabi to prep for CFA L1. I will take the exam most probably in Aug 22.

Tel: +971 50 5921 722