Looking good actually matters

Girlfriend gifted me a haircut in a fancy place where bearded closet homos usually do their hair. So after getting my new cut I decided to dress well and on my very first afternoon out tons of women are eye fucking me back. So looking good actually matter and now I wonder how much I have lost for never caring about it. Sad.

Nah this doesn’t seem true. I’m just gonna stick with my shitty haircuts from supercuts and my acceptable but bland clothing style.

Nope. It just looks like that but that’s illusion. Inner beauty matters especially on first date or first job interview.

You might be on to something, but I have no experience in neither first dates or job interviews, Tell me more about it

Neither do I but so I’ve been told.

Great, now you can get a new, better girlfriend.

where you live fool

You look good, you feel good.

You feel good, you play good.

You play good, they pay good.

—Deion Sanders

Do you happen to know where Neon Deion got his haircuts?

deion got implants lol

haha my friend did a complete makeover too. Revenge body status. Most people are vain and most of them won’t admit it. Very childish imo

My thought were more in the line of acquiring more girlfriends, 2 is better than one

no idea. Is there a punchline here?

Not that I’m aware.

I simply thought that if he got his haircuts at the place that OP went, then OP might be on to something.