Looking to break into Fixed Income with my company

Hi, I’ve worked with the same financial company for about 8 years, mostly with exposure to mutual funds and accounting. I’ve also had exposure to compiling annual and semi annual reports of RIC and Foundations subject to GAAP. I’ve just passed level I and want to break into the Fixed Income side of my company (mutual fund - buy side). I’m looking as internal job postings come up and want to stay current with the Fixed Income environment. Do any of you have any advice on breaking in given my background? Also what are some good sources of fixed income market summaries (up to date spreads etc.). I’ve been thinking of getting on line subscriptions to WSJ on IBD. Would these be good sources of in depth fixed income analysis? Thanks, Shab

acrossthecurve.com is a good start. also has links to other macro/fixed income blogs

Nice blog… thanks!