"Lori Loughlin is finally getting ahead of the possibility she may be heading to prison — she’s hired experts to train her up in how to best survive behind bars, RadarOnline.comOpens in New Window has exclusively learned.

“She’s knuckling down, learning the lingo and practicing martial arts to give off the impression she’s tough and to ward off potential bullies,” an insider revealed, noting that Lori, 55, “knows there will be plenty of them in federal prison.”

Needs to work on her street survival skills, despite living in LA!

I find this hilarious.

Hope she gets the full 45 years.

why cant she get the same deal trumps boy Epstein got in flo-rida?

You beat me to it!

Does this mean she won’t be on Fuller House anymore?

lol this is not a serious crime. why lock up productive rich people.

all she had to do was admit she broke the law and she would’ve gotten off. because she’s fighting it, i’m happy they’re sticking it to her.

why is this even a crime? American universities admission is already based on a lot of subjective points, having rich parents should count as an extra curricular

If they wanted real fairness then admissions should be 100% based on exams

I mean there is more serious crime out there. This isn’t one of them. Sounds like a government just trying to make an example.

and the daughter total babe

Ive seen some of her posts. I mean she doesn’t really even need the school. It’s just for her to party. This is why this is so stupid.

Cheating admissions is not the crime. These parents are being prosecuted for money laundering, wire fraud, and other financial crimes, since they participated in some company which lied and moved money around fraudulently. The high profile of the admissions scandal only brought elevated attention to this illegal financial activity.

lol whatever the charges this is all about making an example. Us justice is stupid. Duterte much better.

which is why they should’ve just said, “look, we eff’d up, everyone was doing it, we didn’t mean to hurt anybody, but we realize we shouldn’t have used this dude to do some shady immoral things”. 10 days in jail and serving soup to homeless for a week. instead, they’re like, “we’re stupid and we don’t understand how basic bribery works. we just paid some random dude $500k to ?”.

This song might help her, teach her about the g code


Anyone remember the scene in Orange is the New Black with the chick from That 70’s Show in shower with that other chick?

Now with Aunt Becky please.

^ Which episode exactly?

^lol is this one of those grabs lotion moment

'79s firing up the netflix as he reads.