Los Angeles Level III 2009

I am based in west LA anyone else around here ?

I am in newport beach, but my project is recently based in Manhattan beach. Welcome contact me at prknewport7@gmail.com

I am in south orange county. Would be interested in joing a study group for L3

We can set up a small group now and start to share information. Do you have a contact info that I can reach. My email again is prknewport7@gmail.com

I am interested in joining. Where are you thinking of meeting?

let’s meet in santa monica

Santa monica is kind of far for me. I have set up a Yahoo group for those in Orange County. If you are interested, you can email me at prknewport7@gmail.com, I will then invite you into the yahoo group, we can discuss there.

olzhik, Santa Monica suits me. I am in west LA prknewport7, I would like to join the yahoo group. my email is heeralm@gmail.com

How about meeting somewhere close to downtown? That will be accessible to people in both OC and the westside?

I am based in pasadena, anyone around that area?

FCAS, I don’t mind close to downtown. Have you guys started studying?

Babbaobao I am actually in SGV. About 10min drive from Pasadena. Heeralm, One of the guys who started this thread, prknewport was going to start a group. However I haven’t heard anything from him in a month (I sent him an email but didn’t hear back). So when do you want to start the group? I guess downtown (or close) is a good location. Another possibility is somewhere close to downtown, where it is easier to get parking. Let me know. Either post on this board, or send me an email (angbas@gmail.com)

FCAS, I am ok with downtown, but i am prefer more local just to avoid the traffic. Maybe we can meet up in downtown weekly or biweekly, since some from OC and some from West LA. My email: frank.w.bao@gmail.com

bagbaobao, I am fine with either downtown area, or of course, SGV. I guess it depends on who is joining the group. When are you available to start meeting up? October is probably the earliest for me (although I won’t being reading the material until mid October). I will send you an email. How about you heeralm? Prknewport, are you still out there???

Bump. Anyone still interested in meeting? Haven’t received any emails from you guys.

Heyy finally i have started to study a bit like 4 hours this week :wink: Downtown/westLA both is cool with me…sorry hadn’t been checking but october is here so all busy

Ok, Let’s set up a date/ location for this thing. We should have a preliminary meeting just to discuss strategy. How does the weekend of 10/17 sound? Any particular suggestions for a location?

Yes I am up for it. We can meet at Starbucks

How does this Saturday (10/18) @ 11am sound? There is a starbucks at the corner of 7th & Figueroa in downtown. 735 S. Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90017 213-488-9902 We can probably form a game plan for our group meetings. Send me an email (angbas@gmail.com) and we can get each other’s contact details. If anyone else is interested in meeting up, send me an email. Thanks

I would be interested. The exam pressure is building up for me FCAS, you’ve got an email.