Los Angeles - Level III study group

After a 4 year break, I’ve decided to do L3.

Anyone up for study group?

I’m in Mid-Wilshire/K-town and usually in the coffeeshops thereabouts…I’ve mixed it up and hit up UCLA/USC or Santa Monica libraries on the weekends as well.


I might be interested…

I’m in Santa Monica area and could be down.

What day/time are you thinking?

Mon, Thur nights are best for me.

I don’t have a night preference. What date is everyone thinking of starting?

Sorry for the late response - thought you get an email when someone responded.

I’ve been late in the game so I wanted to start a bit earlier. I’ve started reading a little bit but probably start to get committed nights earlier in the week (looks like Monday seems to be a good day) starting next month.

I’m going to check out Santa Monica library to see if there are rooms or what not.

Unless you all are starting hardcore studying now…?

I’m out in Santa Monica and I’d be interested in a study group - probably won’t begin studies until early December though…