Los Angeles Study Group

Anyone interested in forming a study group in Los Angeles area?

Tami: What Level are you looking for? I am level 2 looking for a dedicated group. Let me know.

Guys, I am looking for a L2 study group in LA. I live on the westside and would like to find some people to meet maybe twice a month while we are still pretty far from the exam. Maybe more as we get closer.

Twice a month is about what I was thinking about also. That should help draw on strengths of others. I can help with FSA (I am a CPA and got over 70% on FSA on my 2007 level 2 fail). I need help with quant and derivatives. Anyhoo, my email is tom@bernzott.com. Shoot me a line and maybe this will work out. I live in Camarillo, but I am willing to travel a bit for a couple times a month, or we could find a public library in Van Nuys or something.

hey guys, count me in. I’m in the westside. Santa Monica Library is a decent place if anyone is interested (they’re open 10 - 5:30 on Sat). my email addy is deepakw@gmail.com. ps, I’m prepping for L2 in June

Sorry guys, I’m looking for L1 and forgot to put it on the thread. Seems like you guys can form a L2 group here

dpak, i actually study in the sm library, i’ll shoot you an email.

TamiYokey, I’m L1. I failed it in December and I’m taking it again in June. I’m on the westside.

I’m also taking level 2 (first time)… I live in Manhattan Beach, but I would be definitely be interested in getting together. I am using Stalla and have been attending the live classes. Stalla changed the order of the SS around this year, so we don’t even start FSA or derivative until April To date, we have covered quant, econ, portfolio management, and ethics. I travel weekly for work, but I am usually around on weekends. If you all set a date/time to get together, I’d be happy to join and share what I can. My e-mail is jasmibro@gmail.com. Cheers, Jason

Hi, I’m interested in joining or forming a cfa study group. I live in west los angeles and I’m studying for cfa level 1 for June. e-mail me at longhorn2121@hotmail.com if interested.

I’m also in LA. I usually study at santa monica library on sat. or at USC library. Shoot me an email if you want meet: psk177@gmail.com -Alex