LOS Changes 2010/2011

I am signed up to take level 1 in June, and I was handed-down 2010 Schweser Notes and 2009 Stalla material. I don’t know how often the LOS change, but I wanted to know if my study preparation, using either books, would be sufficient.

You will *probably* be ok. However, if it was me, I would just buy the new books. They’re expensive but not prohibitively so.

Some kind soul will amost certainly post a detailed difference between the 2010 LOS and 2011 LOS. If prior years are any indication, there won’t be much difference. So, my suggestion is to use the 2010 Schweser Notes in combination with the 2011 CFAI books and you’ll be covered. The biggest downside in my view is that you won’t have Q-Bank.

Finquiz has posted this info: CFA Level 1 Curriculum Changes (2010-2011) http://www.finquiz.com/cfa_level_1_curriculum_changes_2010_2011 CFA Level 2 Curriculum Changes (2010-2011) http://www.finquiz.com/cfa_level_2_curriculum_changes_2010_2011 CFA Level 3 Curriculum Changes (2010-2011) http://www.finquiz.com/cfa_level_3_curriculum_changes_2010_2011