LOS Changes Indicate Higher Probability Of Showing Up On Exam

Does anybody else think that the fact that there was a change in the LOS indicate that there is a higher probablility of the material being tested? Obiously not all changes are created equal. Some changes were probably made for mundane reasons, however, if the changes were made to ensure that the LOS du jour properly reflect the CFAI priorities or hot issues (ie, enron and sunbeam L1 in 2010, Ponzi schemes L2, and so many more), then it would stand to reason that those LOS’s are the ones which would receive increased scrutiny and clarification. For example, LOS 13.47a-47f, appears similar to item set 25-30 of mock exam morning session(i know they relate to PE, im just saying they seem close), morning session. Is the mock exam a guide for what will be on the real deal? Im thinking all LOS with changes are must know’s.

I wouldn’t count on the mock being a great guide - no foreign currency translation and no pension accounting.

there was 1 question on pension accounting. IFRS pension status when you defer vs not defer actuarial gains. it was a kink. i got that question wrong.

Yeah but I’d expect a full vignette on it.

better brush up on your ethics also nycag04 :wink:

hedge funds has changed this year

Hey hey hey I actually did really well in ethics! (but edited bc you made me nervous.)

yeah, i think the new section on hedge funds is worth a quick read through, only about 20 pages of text and lots of definition-type questions you could see on Alt Inv section. how to replicate strategies, etc.

hey nyc-any tips on doing well in ethics/strategy?

I think reading (or re-reading) the application part of the text (the examples) is really worthwhile. I’m pretty sure that I have yet to see anything come up on mocks or an actual exam that isn’t a slight variation on one of those examples. That and as many practice questions as you can get your hands on.

I really don’t think there’s a point trying to play this second/triple/quadruple guessing games with CFAI - these guys seriously devote a heck of a lot of time to craft questions.

if they deovte THAT much time… how comes there is so many mistake in every mock / sample / exam i took from them. :frowning: