I’m studying last years material for the 08 exam. (I know, I know, not a good idea) Anyways, does anyone know why CFA changes so many LOS’s each year? I noticed that they changed over 50% of the LOS’s, however most of changes were subtle changes, i.e. “Explain” vs. “Describe”. If you ignore the subtle changes, only about 10% of the L0S’s actually change. My question is, “Why does CFA do this” My theories are: 1) marketing strategy – showing that they changed alot of LOS’s when in actuality they didn’t will scare candidates into buying new material 2) best practices - they want to improve the wording of the LOS. Does anyone have any reasonable explanation to this?

Your first point. Follow the money, bud.

If it is a marketing strategy, wouldn’t it seem only to help the study providers? Especially now, since the CR are included in the exam fees. I still don’t understand why they would want to employ this strategy, so I’m not convinced it’s point #1

this way they can say that the curriculum is constantly being "updated " and never gets stagnant .