LOS - question that might lead to less rote learning

I’ve got a question about the learning outcome statements and I’ll illustrate with an example. In alternative investments, one of the learning outcome statements says the following:

" Explain the advantages and risks of ETFs"

Now, in the material, the discussion on ETFs is broken down into Advantages, Types, Disadvantages, Risks, Application. While I realise all of this is important, my brain has limited capacity so I’m looking at efficiency gains. Does this mean I don’t need to revise Types, Disadvantages and Applications?

This is just one example but there are plenty more - the less rote learning, the better I say.

Thanks in advance for guidance.

I don’t know if you’d have to memorize them (although it couldn’t hurt) but you should at least be able to pick them out in a multiple choice.

Thanks for that. I guess what I really should have asked is, in this example, can I shorten my summary notes by just including the details on advantages and risks, paying little attention to the other ones. As I said, there are a few instances like this where the LOS explicity points out certain sub-sections but not others and keen to compress the notes as much as possible!

I’ve just finished reading the course material, copying and pasting the formulae and writing notes for the curriculum - think I’m on track but not sure… not doing anything other than the content, the EOC questions and some sample exams. With eight weeks, should do the trick?