LOS v.s.CFAI Practice Questions

Hi Everyone,

In the CFAI books the LOS makes it pretty clear which formulas you need to memorize via the “calcuate” command at the start of the respective LOS.

My question is then, why do we have practice questions on formulas that we don’t need to know about at then end of some chapters? Or is it the other way around, should I assume if there is a practice question regarding a formula, I should assume it’ll be on the test.

More importantly, why can’t the CFA just give a list of formulas we need to know, that way I don’t need to pick through the book and concentrate on the concepts. enlightened

Other than NoteSnack and Schweser, are there any other good places to find a comprehensive list of formulas?


Hey Midias,

I suggest having 2 types of formula sheets:

1 - contains repeated and reoccuring formulas.

2 - contains any other formulas that aren’t tested as much in practice questions.

Keep formula sheet #1 close and dear to you for memorization purposes. However, I would still review and ‘know’ formula sheet #2 just in case you might be tested on it during the Exam.

Besides NoteSnack & Schweser, I would also have a look into the Elan formula sheet (it seems to be a favourite among some the candidates on here).

Hope this helped!

Some formulas don’t have to be memorized, but you still have to understand how they work. I’ve read for some formulas like kurtosis, they provide the formula with a bunch of information (some of it extra) and tell you to calculate it.

I wish i had found this a long time before i did. I actually saw this formula sheet 2 weeks before the exam and all it did was freak me out because there was a couple of formulas that i dint know. I highly recommend it, its really complete + you have time to memorize a lot of them.


Well put, thanks

This is GOLD. Glad to have this.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks v much, this is useful despite making my own formula sheets…