Losing an hour tonight

I’m up late on saturday studying. Totally forgot about end of DST, so technically, its 12.30 in the am already! Feels like i’ve lost a potential hour of studying. F&*# i feel robbed!!!

Im getting tired just thinking about it

Doesn’t happen till 30th March over here…

You have to study an extra hour somewhere between now and June 7th!

Since it’s a leap year, we are still + 23 hours.

Regarding Leap Years, I believe the exam is typically on the first Sat of June. So but for the extra day of Feb. 29th, we would have had the exam on Saturday, June 1st, or a week earlier! How good is that.

Suddenly we went from loss of 1 hour to a gain of 167 (24x7-1) hours?

The above proves that CFA candidates can compete with accountants any day.