Losing Confidence

I scored 70 or higher in 6 of the 7 Scweser mock exams, ranging from 70 - 78, but the average on all 7 was 72.5. My lowest score was 68. Then I took the 2012 CFAI, got a 75 in the AM then a 63 in the PM for a total of 69%. Then I did more studying and just took the AM on the 2013 CFAI, thought it went well, then I checked my answers and got a 65. I got hammered on a couple vignettes that were the death of me.

Then I come on here and so many people scoring mid to high 70s and claiming that they STILL have room to increase their score, it is a major confidence killer.

Take another test and only answer the questions you know. Don’t guess on any of them. Then add 33% to that. That’s your real score.

There are a handful of people that keep posting their 70+ scores. People arent going to come here to brag about their 50’s. Just relax and give it your best run. There are definitely people who are in worse shoes. I started too late and havent worked fast enough and Im contemplating not even giving some sections a first pass so I can get more problems in the last two weeks but I havent given up. Im going to give the next 14 days my best effort and see what happens.

You are clearly in range of a pass at this point. All you can do is add LOSes to your knowledge bank and increase your odds. If you get one additional question a day over the next 14 days, you will kill this thing.

Dont stress over your number. Youre trying to study for the mocks right now, not the real exam. It doesnt matter how many mock questions you get right. What matters is how much you know walking into the exam room on june first. I had a fifty something on my CFAI mock for the L1 last year and passed. Anything can happen.

Why does everyone worry on this damn site about how everyone else is doing? No one affects my score except myself…I agree with previous poster that only the ones achieving high scores will most likely post…it’s kind of like an AF/hedge fund reporting bias ha. Everyone reading this just study as hard as you can and do your best. Whatever happens it’s just a damn test. This will not determine your position in life…Worst case so what…just relax and give it your best…I don’t know why this site is so negative but it definitely needs a shot of positivity more often

I’m getting pissed off at threads like this. why not just focus on your own score instead of whining over others? Surely you have no idea how much efforts and sacrifice they put in?

do the afternoon 2013 mock, if you can do that derivatives itemset then you can say you passed

thanks for the confidence everyone I appreciate, except for this faggot ^^^

on the plus side to be positive. the fact you are using schweser mocks and then taking the CFAI mock shows consistency which tells me the schweser stuff isn’t as bad as people say. But it looks like it prepared you pretty well. Plus i believe the last 1-2 weeks people tend to feel like they are learning more usually. All the way till now I felt like damn this is so much stuff and nothing made sense. But recently things are starting to click as if I wasn’t even studying this whole time lol.

I think you’ll be fine. I wish my scores were as consistent as yours.

the afternoon mock should lower your score to the 55s. With the real exam being slightly more difficult means you just forecasted your failure

This thread seems like a really thinly veiled brag, fishing for compliments.

bloodline is RIGHT!

bloodline is a good guy. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it.

Don’t worry about what scores people are posting. For what it’s worth, I’ve heard of a lot of people never breaking 70 on Schweser mocks and then passing this exam.

Just keep giving it your all and you should have a good chance of passing.

Bloodline is probably stilled pissed about the WAR FOR AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE.


clip 1989 - Could you please send me the 2012 afternoon answers to the level 2 mock? I have the questions, but not the answers. I’m at fn3785@yahoo.com this would be a HUGE help thanks.

40% pass not 4%

Haha, I got 5/6 correct, but derivatives is easy, FRA and Quant is a bitch.

Hey Vicky, how’s the studying going? Have you tried CFAI mock for 2013? If so, how’d it compare to the prior years’ mock exams?

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Have you tried the 2013 cfai mock?