Losing that extra exam-10

Ok, maybe more like 5 pounds, but you spend the first five months of the year prepping for the exam, missing the gym and eating a little extra during crunch time, and then it takes 2-3 months to lose it! An unfortunate additional toll from the exam process. Anyone else with the same problem? Hope to be back in shape (and a charter holder) come August!

Yeah, fitness has definitely taken a back seat to this whole process…I wound up losing weight during the whole process; perhaps from stress. But almost everything I lost was muscle and partially offset w/ fat. P90X time come Monday! I know I’m going to be limping after the plyo workout.

I think most people have cyclical health - not just people who do CFA exams. The average American gains 10-15 pounds during holiday months.

Well I am a runner, and not being able to run as much as usual and not cutting back the calories has taken its toll!

I usually get thinner and in better shape, during the last 6 weeks especially. While I tend to eat a bit more, that is more than offset with the lack of beer calories. Working out actually becomes more important as I use it to refresh my head. How the F do you study 8-10 hours in a day without mixing in some serious physical activity?

been working out 5 days a week for the last 2 years. weight 205 lbs mostly muscle. want to get more ripped thinking about steroids. suggestions?

Plyo sucks Pete, but you get used to it. If it’s really hard on your knees, substitute with running or another cardio workout.

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i hear you, cfa is definately not good for your health

Tell me about it…and now the World Cup is starting as well!