Loss Adjuster?

Ok so I am looking at internship oppurtunities, and so far no banks have bitten. So I applied to “Charles Taylor Adjusting”, and landed an interview. I am now seriously considering this, if the banks keep saying no, even though i want to get into equity research. Anyone have any idea what Loss Adjusters do? -The job description is: The job will entail working with our adjusters on various projects ranging in size. These projects will include summarizing a large amount of documentation in Excel along with the clear and concise analysis of these spreadsheets. Another example involves research of various companies and industries. You will be asked to collect and analyze a variety of information from several sources. The purpose of each research task will be defined on a per project basis. For instance, you may analyze one company’s financial history and compare it to industry standards. Or you may be asked to analyze market size for a given industry to obtain an understanding of a given company’s market share. Once you have gathered this information you will be expected to form an opinion in a memorandum which will be reviewed by the Project Manager. Anyone ever heard of this kind of job? It really sounds like some true analysis, and equity valuation, or am i wrong?

No clue what a loss adjuster is, but if it’s your only option then take it–you can always spin it in the most relevant way possible later on. Tough to spin no internship.