Loss of vision in one eye

A few years back, my friend lost vision of one eye after driving from one city to another city, partying for two 2 days and without sleep. His doctor said he had a small continuous blood vessel burst in his eye 6 months prior to that but the event triggered the loss of vision. He has done two operations on it and had taken steriods but could not restore the lost vision. He has now given up any hope of restoring it.

Now, a few weeks back, my former colleague suffered the same loss of vision in one eye. She said she felt pain in the eye. The eye was red, tears were non-stop. Then, gradually, the vision started to become blurry till all vision lost. I really feel sorry for her. She will be having an operation for it soon. I hope she recovers from it.

My dad had a cornea detach one day. A few weeks later the other one followed suit. This happened when I was still in prepschool. He was a surgeon. Needless to say, he needed his eyesight to work.

In any case, he got his vision back through a bunch of operations. He recently had fake lens put in his eye and says he can see even better than before the detachment. When we would play golf I had to describe the whole to him before. Now, he can see it as plainly as I can.

So, don’t give up. Modern medicine can sometimes work wonders.

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Back still not pain free. Sciatica disc pain needs 3 months to recover.

Anyway, loss of vision is one of the worst thing when someone is in early phrase of their career. So take good care of self, own eyes and flithy colons, etc.

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I used to burst blood vessels in my eyes all the time back in the day. Puke hard enough and your eyes explode from the inside. Takes forever to go away too.

I temporarily lost vision in one eye due to a pillow fight. Not made up. It came back after a couple of hours though.

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On a more serious note though, I did lose hearing in an ear for a couple of days which was really frightening. Turns out if was just a build up of wax but it does make you appreciate having all your senses functioning, something we take for granted.

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