Lost my drive -- Is this normal?

After passing the L2 CFA Exam, I don’t feel the urgency. Is this normal? What are you doing to overcome this diminished mental state?

This is my motivation:

I like how you made it to the point… 48% seems too low versus 2014 54% haha…

This just got my motivation going!! Thanks man. You will pass this time around.

this is pretty normal for level 3. It took a constant struggle for me to get motivated last year whereas levels 1 and 2 the motivation came pretty easily once I got started. I’m glad i kept chipping away at it though and put in more hours for level 3 than they other levels so now I can enjoy being constantly drunk in December. Good luck, it’s worth the final slog

Cannot wait!

That quote was from level-I when I failed at my first attempt. This is my first, and only go, at level-III

There was nothing worse than reading that email and realizing I wasted a ton of time sitting on my thumb and not studying like I should have.

Superb Galli

Start exercising. You’ll feel better mentally.


try cialis

It only works for a weekend.

What would you say is the most difficult subject on the 3rd level and why? Thinking of going straight into the deep end.

how everything is tied together

+100. The big picture.

Ethics. There are 2 good answers on every question.