Lost Schweser Book

In my Idiocy, I left my Schweser Level 3, book 3 in the seat pocket on a plane.

Does anyone know if Schweser will send out a replacement book?

Have tried lost property at the departing and arriving airport and had no luck, maybe the cleaner is now getting educated on her retirment fund or else the book is on a whirlwind adventure of the world. Either or, Im down a Schweser book and may have to suck it up and read the CFA curriculum…

If anyone has experienced this pain before, I’d like to hear what your outcome was.

Cheers, Danny

E-mail them and ask.

Have done that and am awaiting a reply… Will let everyone know what the outcome is as well. Im surely not the first person to do this and I wont be the last!

I’ve read somewhere here that they did send out a replacement book. Good luck!

In my experience, they are usually pretty accomodating.

I had the QBank installed on my work computer. When I got laid off, I didn’t have access to it anymore. I called and expained the situation to them, and they gave me another download and allowed me to put it on my laptop.

I would call them directly.

I bet they help you out, especially if you paid for it.

For CAIA my books were taking a little too long (Indian customs thing). They sent me a second set when I wrote them an email complaining politely. I didn’t ask for a second set, but In the end I got two sets of books. In any case, I was pleased with their response.