Lost !!!!

Hey fellas , I am pretty comfortable with Schweser, cleared Lvl 1 and Lvl 2 using the same. I am done wid Schweser Book 4, planning to finish Book 5 this week, need your advice for the following - 1) Ideal way of preparing for GIPS : Schweser or CFAI text ? 2) I am planning to cover CFAI EOC’s, do I need to go thru CFAI examples too ? r tey important ? How long will it take to cover all the CFAI EOC and examples ? 3) How are Schweser mock tests (Book 6/7) ? Please suggest other mock sources too ? When to start giving the mocks…rite after Book 5 or after finishing CFAI EOC ? 4) Is Schweser QBank worth ? Is it a gud source to test item-set questions ? If not please suggest other sources . Thanks in advance, G

Thought this was going to be a discussion of the TV Show. Rats.

All of the above…use them all, schweser eoc’s all CFAI eoc’s for sure, CFAI practice tests, qbank, the whole thing… Ranking though the CFAI stuff is most important. My schedule is March do every Schweser EOC April, CFAI EOCS May review CFAI EOCS, do CFAI and Schweser Practice exams All along doign qbank… Each one reveals different things you suck at and need work on…you simply cant answer too many q’s Thats my .02, ive never passed L3 though, so, take it for what it is