Lotus Notes sucks

Damn I hate Lotus Notes. Everything is so @ssbackwards from outlook. Does anyone know how to set a daily alarm reminder?

yeah, go to start -> control panel -> add or remove programs -> click “lotus notes” -> click add/remove -> click uninstall all

Thanks. I’m directing all my emails to my gmail account.

notes is the worst…so not user friendly and nothing is intuitive…such a stupid program

I have no idea my company uses it. the license is so expense if you are just using the email capabilities (not even considering how terrible email is).

Yeah Lotus sucks…I have to use it for work too…damn you IBM… So you just want a reminder to pop up every day at a certain time? To do that do the following: 1) Click on calendar 2) Click on the day 3) Under calendar entry – click reminder 4) Under the starts box click repeat, and then how often it should repeat theblackman Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Damn I hate Lotus Notes. Everything is so > @ssbackwards from outlook. Does anyone know how to > set a daily alarm reminder?

My firm uses Lotus Notes too, I hated it from day one…no wonder our firm need TARP money. Lots of little stupid decision adds up!!

Every firm I have worked for has used lotus notes, I think I would find outlook to be all f-d up if I had to try and use it.

I had it at my prior position. . . it was terrible. They said it was for security reasons.

It is crap! Meetings were so confusing. I had to use this for a year because my company was a subsidiary of a Zurich firm and they are all into Lotus Notes over there for some unknown reason.

Thats what we use here as well. I don’t really mind it but I’ve never used outlook either so don’t have much to compare it with.

The mail client takes a while to get used to, but its support for databases makes it worth while.

My company is slowly consolidating a purchase made last year, more like a merger. The other half of the company uses lotus notes and we use Outlook…I am really hoping that Outlook will win out, also that our email domain name wins out. Notes is terrible from what I have seen.

I used Lotus Notes in bschool. Are your corporate versions programmed in Java too? Confuses me to this day why you would write a program like that in Java. Worst. Language. Ever.

I like outlook because I can sync my handheld device (appointment, calandar, contacts)

I thought only PwC were stupid enough to still be using Lotus notes. I didnt realise other companies were!

I thought Lotus Notes was extinct! I used it in 99

You guys ever use the file>send to>mail recipient in MS office? When I got logged off lotus notes and it use the send to function my computer froze and i lost everything.